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04/02/2020 10:37:41 PM PST
Patriots' Team Jet Bringing 1.2 Million Masks from China Arrives In Boston
The Pats' team jet carrying over a MILLION masks for Americans has safely touched down in Boston ... and workers are already swiftly unloading the goods!! Pretty awesome move from New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft who sent his team jet on a…

04/02/2020 8:51:52 PM PST
NFL's Tony Boselli Says He Nearly Died In COVID-19 Battle, 'It Buried Me'
Jacksonville Jaguars legend Tony Boselli says he was THIS close to dying amid his battle with coronavirus last month ... saying the disease straight-up "buried me." The former offensive lineman broke his silence about his COVID-19 complications…

04/02/2020 8:15:29 PM PST
89-Year-Old Bernie Ecclestone Knocks Up Wife, Gas In the Tank, Baby!
Formula 1 racing mogul Bernie Ecclestone is gonna be a dad ... AGAIN! Oh, and did we mention he's 89 years old? DO YOU REALIZE HOW OLD THAT IS? "Hey, Dad, what was it like to be alive before the Nazis came into power?" "Hey, Dad, what was the…

04/02/2020 6:49:38 PM PST
New Balance Making Protective Masks For COVID-19, Gunning For 100k A Week
"Made shoes yesterday. Making masks today." New Balance is turning its focus from shoes to protective masks during the coronavirus pandemic ... using its stateside facilities to help out with the huge demand. The U.S.-based shoe company -- which…

04/02/2020 11:37:56 PM PST
LaMelo Ball and Manager Plan To Buy His Australian Pro Basketball Team
HOLD UP, EVERYONE. The Australian NBL just released a statement saying the deal is NOT official ... yet. According to ESPN, the NBL confirmed there have been talks of Ball and Jackson buying the team, but the league says the team is still exploring…

04/02/2020 4:02:53 PM PST
Christian McCaffrey Launches COVID-19 Relief Program, Let's Help the Heroes!
Not only is Christian McCaffrey an NFL mega-star who's dating a flaming hot supermodel (hi Olivia) ... he's also doing his part to help out during the coronavirus pandemic. The Carolina Panthers star running back just announced the launch of his…

04/02/2020 3:36:53 PM PST
Conor McGregor Shades Khabib For 'Chickening Out' Of UFC 249 Fight
Conor McGregor is going after Khabib Nurmagomedov again ... this time blasting The Eagle for "chickening out" of his UFC 249 fight with Tony Ferguson later this month. "The fact of this matter is, both Tony and Khabib where engaged in a game of…

04/02/2020 3:15:51 PM PST
COVID-19 May Have Spread at Super Bowl LIV in Miami, Gov. DeSantis Says
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis -- the guy who until this week refused to order a statewide lockdown -- now says he thinks COVID-19 was likely spread at Super Bowl LIV. The Republican governor said at a Tuesday press conference, the virus may have…

04/02/2020 2:36:05 PM PST
Tom Brady Moving Into Derek Jeter's Tampa Mansion
If it's good enough for Derek Jeter, it's good enough for Tom Brady!! The newest Tampa Bay Bucs QB has picked his Tampa Bay-area home, according to the Tampa Bay Times -- and it's the 32,000-square-foot mansion Jeter built!! TB12 has already begun…

04/02/2020 1:53:22 PM PST
Rob Gronkowski Teases NFL Return After 'Masked Singer' Cut, 'You Never Know'
Fire back up the NFL return rumors for Rob Gronkowski ... after he was cut from "The Masked Singer" Wednesday, he refused to close the door on his football career once again!! Gronk had been participating on the blind singing show this season ...…

04/02/2020 1:47:18 PM PST
White Sox Broadcaster Ed Farmer Dead at 70
Chicago White Sox radio announcer Ed Farmer -- who played 11 seasons in the Majors -- died Wednesday night, the team announced. He was 70 years old. Details surrounding his death have not been revealed. We're working on it. Farmer was drafted by…

04/02/2020 3:11:54 PM PST
Sean Payton Defends Moving Draft War Room To Local Brewery After Criticism
Payton is defending the decision to move the war room to a brewery ... after a USA Today columnist bashed the idea in an article. "Congratulations, New Orleans Saints. You've finally found a way to be dumber than Mike Ditka on Draft Day," Nancy…

04/02/2020 1:17:00 PM PST
Ed Orgeron Files For Divorce From Wife Weeks After Winning LSU Championship
Ed Orgeron is calling things off with his wife, Kelly ... the LSU head coach filed for divorce a little more than a month after he led the Tigers to a National Championship. The 58-year-old filed the court docs in Louisiana back on Feb. 26,…

04/02/2020 7:20:50 AM PST
Ric Flair Praises WWE for WrestleMania Precautions, Charlotte's In Good Hands
Ric Flair says he's "more than content" with the COVID-19 safety measures the WWE has implemented for WrestleMania 36 -- and trusts Vince McMahon to look out for his daughter's health. Of course, Mania is set to go down (without fans) this weekend…

04/02/2020 12:31:35 AM PST
Pres. Trump Praises Dr. Fauci's Basketball Skills, Too Short For NBA, Though!
Everybody loves him as the expert giving Americans a glimmer of hope in the coronavirus pandemic ... but did you know White House advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci was a basketball superstar!? He sure was!! ... and President Trump gave the guy a major…

04/01/2020 10:01:28 PM PST
Bill Belichick Throws On Tight Jeans for COVID-19 Pep Talk, 'Shelter In Place'
Like millions of Americans, Bill Belichick is working from home today. Unlike millions of Americans ... HE'S NOT WEARING SWEATPANTS!! Instead, the Patriots head coach squeezed into his best pair of tight jeans, set up a cam in his office and just…

04/01/2020 10:01:22 PM PST
Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Squeeze in Gym Workout Before FL Lockdown
Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez just beat the buzzer ... squeezing in one final gym workout before Florida goes on lockdown, and using their pull to make it happen. The engaged duo slipped out of a gym Wednesday afternoon in Miami after getting…

04/01/2020 7:56:07 PM PST
O.J. Simpson Convinced Carole Baskin Killed Her Husband, 'Tiger Sashimi'
O.J. Simpson -- who most people believe got away with murder -- is publicly accusing Carole Baskin of GETTING AWAY WITH MURDER! WHAT. IS. HAPPENING!?!?! Juice says he finally got around to watching "Tiger King" -- and one thing is clear to him ...…

04/01/2020 6:44:52 PM PST
Antonio Brown Works Out With Lamar Jackson & Hollywood Brown, Future Raven?
He ain't gonna be a Buc ... but could Antonio Brown be heading to the Ravens?! The controversial NFL free agent was spotted working out with Lamar Jackson and is fellow receiver cousin, Hollywood Brown on Wednesday ... just days after he speculated…

04/01/2020 6:27:06 PM PST
NFL's Jon Weeks Sends Whataburger To 1st Responders, 100s Of Burgers & Tenders!
Houston Texans long snapper Jon Weeks wanted to thank 1st responders for all their hard work during the COVID-19 pandemic ... so he sent them free lunch -- FROM WHATABURGER!! The NFL player, along with his adorable daughter, sent burgers, chicken…

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